New media such as social media is still verily new, and with new social sites coming out every month social media can be scary for many. Not knowing how these social media sites work can make it hard for those that are not familiar .Media such as social media, videos, branding, and media outlets are a part of our everyday lives.  How important is media? Who created media? Large companies as well as small companies uses marketing to get buyers attention. Everyone creates media from apps to websites. As a business owner, social media and media in general will play a big part in your day-to-day operations.


Tommy House a native of Montgomery, Al  and owner of Tommy House Studios, found himself in the same predicament in 2001 when the internet and social media was relative new. After attending Troy University in 1992-1994 while working at Carmike Cinemas, Tommy House’s father William House business Victorian Furniture Company  took a huge hit. After paying $750.00 per page for his website, Tommy House then decided that he could design web sites for better prices. After serval promotions with Carmike Cinemas Tommy went on to start Tommy House web design and studios in 2001. Tommy always had a passion for the entertainment side of production in television and radio. While designing started backed in video through the Montgomery Biscuits as the technical director.



From 2001- 2016 Tommy House Studio has grown with over 300 domains and clients all over the world.   “If you’re not in social media you got to be, that’s just something you got to get into” says Tommy House. Social media is used to promote different events, and products social media also act as a digital finger print for business. Social Media is everywhere and everybody is using it at home and on the go. Mobile devices and WIFI has made social media accessible to anyone with a mobile device.


Learning social media and video productions can work hand and hand. Social media can help with marketing your business and video can give viewers a visual aspect of your company. Tommy House stated “You always has to be learning” with the growth of technology and social media you must stay in tune with the what’s new. Social media is one of the many to communicate with celebrities and friends at any moment. Social Media has only scratch the surface when its comes to its ability.